Setting Up Personalized Catalog Views

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The first step in setting up personalized catalog views is to determine how you want to divide your customers and items and which items you want to make accessible to which customers. Some questions you should ask at this stage are:

  • What are the customer groups I need? On what basis will I assign a customer to one group or the other?

  • Do I want anonymous visitors to my web store to see any items? If so, which ones?

  • Do all my customers fall into one or more customer groups or do I have some “leftover” customers? What items, if any, do I want the leftover customers to see? Do they have to be logged in or recognized by the web store to see them?

  • Do I want any of my customers to be in more than one customer group?

  • What item segments do I need? On what basis do I want to assign an item to one segment or another? Do the item segments correspond to the sections in my website navigation or are they different?

  • Who should be able to view any items that are not in item segments mapped to a customer segment?

Setting up PCV after you have answers to these questions makes the process much easier.

View the Setting Up Personalized Catalog Views video

Personalized Catalog Views Setup Checklist

To use PCV in your web store:

  1. Determine the customer segments and item segments you require for your web store.

  2. Create customer segments — see Defining Customer Segments.

  3. Create item segments — see Defining Item Segments.

  4. Enable the Personalized Catalog Views feature — see Enabling Personalized Catalog Views

  5. Ensure that the people working with PCV have the correct permissions — see Personalized Catalog Views Roles and Permissions

  6. Define which items segments are visible to which customer segments — see Managing Item Segment Visibility.

  7. Define visibility of items not included in any item segments that are mapped to customer segments — see Defining Visibility of Unmapped Items

  8. Check that the correct items are displayed to the correct customers — see Verifying Personalized Catalog Views