Personalized Catalog Views Roles and Permissions

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Any user who sets up personalized catalog views must have a valid NetSuite user account and also be assigned a role that provides sufficient permissions for PCV. The roles that provide these permissions by default are:

  • Administrator - this role also has access to Site Management tools

  • Store Manager - this role also has access to Site Management tools

  • Marketing Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Marketing Administrator

  • Sales Administrator

  • System Administrator

For more information on NetSuite users and roles, see NetSuite Users & Roles.

Customer Segments Manager Permission for an Existing Role

You can add permissions to a NetSuite custom role to enable users to set up personalized catalog views. The following permissions are needed:

  • Customer Segments Manager - Required for setting up personalized catalog views.

    Without this permission, users cannot access the Customer Segments Manager or set up any personalized catalog views. However, they can view which item segments are mapped to different customer segments on Customer Groups and Item Collections records.

  • Commerce Categories - Required only if Commerce Categories are used with PCV.

  • Site Management Tools (SMT) permissions - Required if users want to preview PCV in the website. Necessary permissions for SMT are:

    • Documents and Files

    • Website (External) Publisher

    • Website Management

  • SuiteAnalytics Workbook and Analytics Administrator - Required to view the standard SuiteAnalytics Workbooks that display which items are visible to which customer and which customer can see which item. The access level for these permissions should be Edit.

You cannot edit a NetSuite standard role, but you can use it as the basis for a new custom role. For detailed instructions and best practices for customizing a NetSuite role, see NetSuite Roles Overview.