Using SMT Advanced Preview to Verify Personalized Catalog Views

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

This refers to SuiteCommerce or the 19.2 release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.

Site Management Tools Advanced Preview lets you see how your site appears to customers when Personalized Catalog Views (PCV) is enabled. You can select and apply customer segments to the preview to confirm that customers assigned to the segments can access the items they have permission to purchase. Likewise, you can confirm that customers in the segments cannot access items that are not available to them.

You can access SMT Advanced Preview in two ways:

  • From the Customer Segments Manager in NetSuite, click Save & View Site and choose a domain from the dropdown list. This opens a new browser tab and logs you in to SMT on the site. By default, you are logged into the domain specified as the primary URL. If no primary URL is specified, you are logged into the first domain specified on the Domains tab of the website setup record.


    When you Save & View Site in the Customer Segment Manager, the site index is rebuilt. The changes will not be visible in SMT until the reindexing is complete.

  • From within Site Management Tools, select Advanced Preview on the Site Management toolbar.

Preview Customer Segments in SMT

When you select Advanced Preview in SMT, the Advanced Preview Settings are displayed in the side panel. By default, no customer segments are selected and all items and categories are displayed in the preview.

When you select one or more customer segments in the side panel and click Apply, the items in the preview are filtered to only those items that are available for purchase by the selected customer segments. Additionally, the site category navigation is updated to reflect the conditional category display structure. The Commerce Category Hide Empty Categories feature hides category branches that contain no items. See Exclude Empty Commerce Categories.

After you apply one or more customer segments to the preview, you can use the site shopping navigation to preview the items that are available to the selected customer segments.

To close Advanced Preview, click Advanced Preview in the Site Management toolbar.

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