Personalized Catalog View Examples

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Personalized Catalog Views can be complicated to design, particularly if you have items in multiple item segments and customers in multiple customer segments. It is important to spend some time thinking about what each customer segment can and cannot view before setting it up in NetSuite. The following examples show you how to work through the design and implementation process:

  • Exclusive Items for VIP Customers - this example looks at a scenario where a subset of the inventory items should be available only to a certain group of customers. All other items should be available to all users.

  • Different Catalogs based on Customer Location - this example restricts the items visible depending on the customer location. Some items are visible to customers from more than one location.

  • Items Available only to Certified Customers - this example restricts different product lines to customers who have achieved the required certification. Some customers may be certified for more than one product line.