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Company A is a wholesale company selling home decor items such as wall art, cushions, and glassware. The Company A website uses commerce categories to structure its navigation menu and users can browse through the items in the Wall Art, Cushions, and Glassware categories.

Company A wants to start a VIP program that will provide certain customers with exclusive access to premium items. Customers who wish to participate in the VIP program must first sign a contract with Company A.


First, Company A needs to decide how to segment their items and customers. Let’s look at how their answers to some important questions helps to design PCV:



Design Input

What are the customer groups I need?

VIP customers and All Users

Customer groups to be created - VIP Customers

On what basis will I assign a customer to one group or the other?

The Sales Operation Manager will add customers to the VIP group after they sign a contract.

VIP Customers customer group is a static customer group

Do I want any of my customers to be in more than one customer group?

All Users includes VIP customers.


What item segments do I need?

VIP Items is a group of items that spans all the commerce categories. Also, we are launching a new line of items called Designer Carpets, which should be available only to VIP Customers to start with, though we may later make it available to all customers.

Item segments needed - VIP Items and Designer Carpets.

On what basis do I want to assign an item to one segment or another?

The Marketing Manager will add all VIP items to the VIP Items segment and the Designer Carpets segment.


Do the item segments correspond to the sections in my website navigation or are they different?

VIP Items is different and contains items from all the sections of my navigation menu. Designer Carpets is intended to be a top-level section in the navigation menu.

VIP Items is not a Commerce Category. It should be an item collection.

Designer Carpets should be a Commerce Category since it will appear in the navigation menu.

Which item segments should be visible to my customer segments?

VIP customers can see all items. All users (including anonymous users) can see all items except for VIP Items and Designer Carpets (at least for now).

VIP Items and Designer Carpets item segments should be visible to only the VIP customers customer group.

Who should be able to view any items that are not in item segments mapped to a customer segment?

All users should be able to see items not mapped to VIP Customers.

The unmapped items visibility should be set to “Visible to All Users”.


From the design inputs, Company A creates the following in NetSuite:

  • Customer Group (static): VIP Customers

  • Item Collection: VIP Items

  • Commerce Category: Designer Carpets

  • Personalized Catalog View Setup:

    • Makes VIP Items and Designer Carpets visible to VIP Customers

    • Sets Visibility of Unmapped Items toggle to display “Items not mapped to a Customer Segment are VISIBLE to all users”.


In this example, Designer Carpets does not have any subcategories. If it did, the subcategories would be selected separately. Only items included directly in the category are included in the item segment.

The Designer Carpets Commerce Category is, at present, exclusive to VIP users so other users will not see this category in the navigation menu at all. For more information, see Exclude Empty Commerce Categories. Later, if Company A decides to make Designer Carpets visible to all users, they can remove the mapping from the Customer Segments Manager. This makes all items within it “unmapped” and therefore visible to all users. The Designer Carpets category will then appear in the navigation menu for all users.