Granting Permission to View SuiteCommerce InStore APM

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SuiteCommerce InStore

Administrators must grant permission for employees to view performance data in SuiteCommerce InStore APM (SCIS APM). Use the SuiteCommerce InStore Performance Setup page to select roles and employees who should be allowed to view SCIS performance data.

To grant permission to view SuiteCommerce InStore APM:

  1. Go to Customization > SCIS Performance > SCIS Performance Setup.

  2. Use either method to grant permissions to view SCIS performance data:

    • Click the Roles tab to give access to specific roles, such as SCIS Store Manager.

      Click the entry field to see a list of roles.

    • Click the Employees tab to give access to individual employees by selecting their names.

      Click the down arrows and then List to see a list your employees who are set up in NetSuite.

  3. Click Add to grant permission to each role or employee.

  4. Click Save when the task is complete.