Item Collections

Item collections are a way of grouping catalog items. The items you add to item collections might have no connection with each other or they could be based on one or more criteria, for example, vendor or location. Your business needs drive what items you add to each item collection.

You can:

  • Add an item to multiple item collections

  • Add a set of items to an item collection by choosing members individually

  • Automatically add items to an item collection by using a saved search

Item collections can contain all item types supported by NetSuite. For matrix items, only the parent item can be added to the item collection but the parent item represents all child items. For more information about item types, see the help topic Item Types.

An important use for item collections is in personalized catalog views. You can create an item collection and make it visible to one or more specific groups of customers. For more information, see Personalized Catalog Views.