Understanding Payment Processing with SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


This section includes an overview of payment device transactions submitted with SCIS. You can use the following diagram to understand how payments are processed. Note that configuration of a payment partner gateway is not required. The following information is intended to provide general information.

  1. Select payment device

    The sales associate uses SCIS to select a payment device. SCIS displays an informational message to the sales associate, indicating the payment device is being initialized.

  2. Request for payment

    The request for payment occurs between SCIS and the NetSuite account. At this time, a transaction record is created in NetSuite. SCIS begins to send requests for payment status periodically to the transaction record created in NetSuite.

  3. Initiate Plugin

    It is through the transaction record that the request for payment reaches the payment partner plugin. The payment partner plugin receives the request and starts communication with the payment partner gateway, if a gateway is configured. Alternately, the request goes directly to the payment device.

  4. Request for payment

    The payment partner plugin sends a request to the payment partner for payment device initialization and sends the request for the payment.

  5. Initialize PIN pad

    SCIS displays an informational message to the sales associate, "waiting for customer payment."

    Next, the shopper interacts with the payment device. If a payment gateway is configured, then data is exchanged between the payment device and the gateway. This communication is not monitored by SCIS.

  6. Payment confirmation

    The payment partner sends payment confirmation to NetSuite, and then the transaction record is updated. Through its continual requests, SCIS discovers the confirmed payment status. The sales transaction in SCIS is complete.