Commerce Migration to SuiteScript 2.0

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


SuiteCommerce Advanced is undergoing an initiative to improve the developer experience when developing a SuiteCommerce Advanced site. These improvements will ultimately enable Commerce application developers to interact with core NetSuite records in a unified way, leveraging the benefits of SuiteScript 2.0.

This change is being introduced in phases across multiple releases of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced. When completed, this new approach will:

  • Leverage the benefits of SuiteScript 2.0

  • Provide developers a single, unified experience to interact with core NetSuite APIs

  • Eliminate duplication of business logic within the Commerce API

  • Eliminate the need to access the Commerce API

Migration Status

This section explains the current state of the SCA migration to SuiteScript 2.0. Because this migration spans multiple releases, check this topic periodically for status updates and a list of what modules have been migrated.

Migration Updates (by release)

SCA Release

Description of Changes

Modules Migrated to SS 2.0

New Modules


Added SSP Application support for SuiteScript 2.0 for implementations utilizing the SuiteTax feature.

During this release of SuiteCommerce and SCA, this was required for anyone using the SuiteTax feature.




  • Partial Module Migration to Unified Developer Experience

  • Initial implementation of My Account backend components (Service Controllers)

  • Updated some modules for SuiteScript 2.0 migration to TypeScript

  • Expanded SSP Application support for SuiteScript 2.0. This change impacts all Commerce web store SuiteApp installation and setup procedures.

    See Install Your Commerce Web Store Applications for details.


Subscriptions (Limited Release)


Modules created for or prepared to utilize SuiteScript 2.0 are found in the following location of your SCA source: SC_xxx_Live/Backend/SC/ (where xxx refers to the release). The source code also includes a module in the Advanced folder, which include configuration files, templates, TypeScript files, and SuiteScript 1.0 services, however services are not loaded into the application for any module that has been migrated to SuiteScript 2.0.