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After you select the facet fields, the navigational area on your website automatically displays the facet. Configuring facet field properties is not required; however, facets may not display as you intend by default. For example, you define a custom field, custitem40 as a facet field in the web site record. A line item for that field should be added under the Facets subtab on the SuiteCommerce Configuration record and configured so that the facet is not displayed as custitem40 in the web store.

Note the following when configuring facets:

  • Facet fields must be set up in NetSuite to appear on the site.

  • If the facet’s URL Component is not set in NetSuite, the site will display the default field ID.

  • Not specifying a set facet on the Facets subtab results in the default appearance for the associated facet.

  • Not specifying a property in the Facets subtab results in the default appearance for the associated property.

  • If using products that use a dash (-) in the product name, avoid using dashes in the id property. The Facets Router sees these dashes as separators, and the website will not load.

  • With Elbrus release of SuiteCommerce Advanced and later, you can configure facets as URL parameters or as part of the URL path. This decision can impact SEO. For more details, see Facets as Parameters.

  • Free-form text custom item fields cannot be used as facet fields.

Follow the correct configuration procedures, depending on the version of SuiteCommerce Advanced you are implementing. For information on configurable properties, regardless of your implementation, see the following sections:

To configure the facet fields:

  1. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Configuration.

  2. Select the site that you want to configure from the Select Website list.

  3. Select the specific domain that you want to configure from the Select Domain list.

  4. Click Configure.

  5. On the SuiteCommerce Configuration record page, click the Shopping Catalog tab.

  6. Click the Facets subtab and configure your facet options as required.

  7. Click Save to save the Configuration record.

For example, you want to configure the color facet field to display on your website in the following ways:

  • Display the facet title as Item Color

  • Display in the URL as a parameter

  • Appear expanded when loaded

  • Be collapsible

  • Appear first in the list of facets on your website

Your customized Facets entry might look like this:

Your resulting facet will display on your website like this: