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The SuiteAnalytics Web Store Orders workbook template enables you to retrieve and visualize information related to web store orders based on the criteria you specify. You can group orders by item and the customers who ordered them, or you can group by customer and the items they ordered.

Accessing the web store order workbook template

  1. In NetSuite, on the top navigation menu, click Analytics.

  2. On the Analytics Home page, expand the list under Workbook Templates and click Web Store Orders.

    This displays the Web Store Orders workbook template.


    At this stage, you may see a note displayed: Transactions in SuiteAnalytics Workbook. It provides information on how to use the Transaction record type in SuiteAnalytics Workbook. If you do not wish to see this message again, check the Don’t show me again box and then click Let’s start.

  3. The workbook user interface includes multiple tabs:

    • The Dataset tab, which enables you to customize your workbook source data and criteria

    • The Pivot tab, which enables you to pivot your workbook source data

    • The Chart tab, which enables you to create visualizations such as charts using your workbook source data

    For more information about each tab, see the help topic Navigating SuiteAnalytics Workbook.


The following charts are included in this workbook:

  • Total Ordered Items per Website. This chart displays the total number of items sold through the web store.

  • Total Item Value per Website. This chart shows the sum of the totals from all orders made from a web store. Since the transactions can be made in different currencies, all amounts are converted to the base currency of your default subsidiary.

New Fields

The Web Store Order Workbook Template uses a new Website field that is not available in the NetSuite Report application.

Field Name

Record Location in SuiteAnalytics Workbook

Join Path in SuiteAnalytics Workbook


Transation Website

Transation > Website

Pivot Tables

The following pivot tables are included in this table:

  • Web Store Orders. This is a summary of the transactions submitted from the web store by item name. The Aggregate column lists the number of ordered items, the number of orders, and the number of unique customers. If you need to see the data segmented by year, quarter, or month, you can do so by adding the Date field to the table Columns , in the Layout panel. Note that the default criteria for this workbook includes data from SuiteCommerce InStore sites.

  • Items Ordered by Customers. This pivot table displays the list of items purchased, the customers who bought them, and the web store the items were purchased through.

  • Customers Ordering Items. This pivot table displays the list of customers that purchased items, the items that were purchased, and the web store the customers purchased those items through.