Automatic and Manual Certificates

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You can use two types of SSL certificates to secure a domain in NetSuite:

  • Automatic Certificates - If you opt in to automatic certification, Oracle NetSuite obtains a Domain Validated (DV) certificate for your NetSuite-hosted domain. The advantage of this type of certificate is that Oracle NetSuite obtains it, applies it to your domain, maintains, and renews it. This service is provided at no additional cost.

  • Manual Certificates - If you want to use a certificate issued by Certificate Authority (CA) of your choice, you must first download a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for your domain from NetSuite and then submit it to your CA while purchasing a certificate. When you receive the certificate from your CA, you must upload it to NetSuite so that the certificate can be deployed to your NetSuite-hosted website. You cannot deploy this certificate outside of NetSuite. Also, you are responsible for maintaining and renewing the certificate. For more information about manual certificates, see Manual Certificates.


    Using manual certificates requires extended setup steps and may incur additional cost.

When to use Manual Certificates

Automatic certificates are usually the easiest and fastest way to secure a domain. However, there are some scenarios in which a manual certificate is most appropriate. These scenarios include:

  • If you require an Organization Validation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV) certificate - if the nature of your business requires OV or EV certificates, you should use a manual certificate.

  • If you are migrating an existing web store to NetSuite - using an automatic certificate when you migrate a web store to NetSuite can cause it to become unavailable temporarily. To avoid down time, use a manual certificate to secure the domain at the time of migration. If you want to switch to an automatic certificate when the manual certificate expires, check Switch to Automatic Certification when Manual Certificate Expires.