2019.2.2 Release of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced

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Commerce Web Stores

  • Removed a redundant Development folder from the SuiteCommerce Advanced 2019.1 bundle.

  • Checkout issue preventing shoppers from checking out as guest using Firefox in Private Window mode.

  • Issue preventing shoppers from using the browser to navigate back to the home page after performing a keyword search from the site’s Home page.

  • Issue preventing Analytics Blockers from working with Google Universal Analytics.

  • Web store item display issue, resulting in items not displaying after logging in to Site Management Tools.

  • Commerce Category issue resulting in category title being replaced by bread crumb information.

  • Custom Transaction Item Option issue erroneously displaying a non-functioning Add to Cart button in Product List Pages.

  • Auto-apply SuitePromotion issue when requesting a quote resulting in the following error: An nlobjSearchFilter contains an invalid operator, or is not in proper syntax: internalid.

  • Category collapse/expand issue. Clicking the Category collapse/expand caret symbol influences the facet list behavior.

  • Shipping Address issue resulting in a disabled delivery method after editing the shipping address during checkout review.

  • Google AdWords parameter issue where the &gclid=[Unique Code] parameter was removed from the URL. (SuiteCommerce Advanced Only Issue)

  • Issue involving  SCA 2019.1 Development SSP folder moving outside of the expected location upon bundle installation, resulting in Web Store Page Not Found message. (SuiteCommerce Advanced Only Issue)

  • Invoice details issue resulting in the following internal error: An nlobjSearchColumn contains an invalid column, or is not in proper syntax: ccexpdate. (SuiteCommerce Advanced Only Issue)