Web Store Orders Dataset

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

This dataset combines fields from the Transaction and Transaction Line record types, and a custom formula, so that you can analyze data related to web store orders. It forms the source data for the Web Store Orders Workbook.

Dataset Configuration

The Web Store Orders dataset combines fields from two record types, a custom formula, and multiple criteria filters. To edit the dataset, see the help topic Defining a Dataset.

Root Record Type

Joined Record Type

Custom Formula Fields

Data Grid

Criteria Filters


Transaction Line

Item Quantity

  • ABS({transactionlines.quantity})

The following fields are included in the dataset.


  • Date

  • Internal ID

  • Source

  • Website

Transaction Line:

  • Amount (Credit) (Transaction Currency)

  • ID

The following criteria is used to filter the dataset:

  • Transaction: Date on or after start of this month

  • Transaction: Source any of Web, SCIS

  • Transaction: Type is Sales Order

  • Transaction Line: ID not equal 0

  • Item: Display in Web Site is true

  • Item: Inactive is false

  • Item: Type any of Inventory Item, Assembly, Kit/Package, Non-inventory Item, Other Charge, Service, Discount, Download Item