2019.2.4 Release of SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced

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Commerce Web Stores

  • Password reset issue. The Reset Password link (sent through a customer’s email) briefly sends users to the Reset Password page, but immediately redirects users to a Log In page, preventing them from resetting their password.

  • Issue when ordering an item whose order quantity exceeds the quantity available for the item. Users in this situation received the following error: An Error Has Occurred instead of a message explaining how to correct their order.

  • Issue preventing users from returning specific items from the entire Sales Order. Instead, users receive the following error: Error: The minimum quantity for this item is x. This issue occurred on items with a minimum quantity set in the Item record in NetSuite.

  • Issue preventing users from editing multiple item options in the product details page, resulting in the following message: Sorry, there is a problem with this Item and can not be purchased at this time. Please check back later.