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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced


SuiteCommerce web stores include a checkout application that can be customized or configured to provide unique checkout experiences for your users.

You can quickly customize your experience by changing:

  • Checkout Flows — use one of several predefined checkout flows. Each configuration defines a specific checkout flow and includes steps that direct the shopper through checkout, ultimately submitting an order. You can also define several properties for the checkout flow in the configuration record.

  • Minimum Web Store Order Amount — define minimum order amounts needed before a user can check out.

  • Checkout Preferences – choose if your site generates cash sales or invoice forms at checkout.

  • Shopping Cart Options for Business Customers - choose if all contacts at your business customers should share the same shopping cart.

For more advanced customization, you can:

  • Create Custom Fields Using an Extension — you can add fields to request or provide additional information, such as shipping instructions, special order requests, and delivery time slots. This is done with the use of an extension.

  • Create new Extensions — you can create a new extension leveraging the CheckoutComponent or CartComponent APIs. For details on the extensibility API see Extensibility API and Frontend Extensibility API.

  • Customize the Checkout Application — if you are using a SuiteCommerce Advanced implementation, you can fully customize your checkout experience using standard best practices.


    Whenever possible, advanced customization should be accomplished by creating new extensions. This allows for easier maintenance, portability, and release independence. Only implement advanced customizations by customizing the checkout application when the exposed extensibility APIs are not sufficient for you business use case.