Product Reviews Custom Record

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


The Product Reviews record displays all reviews for an item in the Product Reviews subtab of item records under the SuiteCommerce Extensions tab. A moderator can evaluate reviews and control the display of reviews on your website.


Indexing for websites is performed when item elements are changed such as product review Attributes or when the Status is changed. Therefore any changes to the item records may take a few minutes to be reflected on the website. You can check the indexing status by clicking View next to the desired website at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

In the top panel of the Product Reviews record, Product Review analysis and Attribute configuration can be done. The following fields are available:

  • Product Reviews Attribute Rating: Lists the average ratings for each attribute in a JSON object.

    The JSON object consists of a name value pair with the Attribute ID and the calculated average rating. You can check Attribute IDs on the NS PR Attributes custom record at Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Lists.

    For example, {"3":"3.0","2":"2.7","1":"3.0"}  indicates average ratings of each of the three default Attributes where Quality is ID 1, Price is ID 2, and Durability is ID 3.

  • Product Reviews Count: Displays the total number of reviews for this item.

  • Product Reviews Rating: Displays the Overall rating for this item.

  • Product Reviews Attributes: Displays the Attributes set for this item. For more information, see Product Review Attributes.

  • Product Reviews Rating by Rate: Lists the total count for each overall rating score in a JSON object.

    The JSON object consists of a name value pair with the Overall rating value and the number of reviews set to that rating.

    For example, {"1":"1","4":"2"} indicates a single instance of an Overall rating of 1 and 2 instances of an Overall rating of 4.


Product Review statistics are only calculated for Approved reviews.

Note the following details for line items on the Product Reviews record:

  • When a product review is submitted by a shopper who also bought the product, the Verified Purchase field is set to Yes.

  • By default only items set to Approved are displayed in the website and included in the product review rating analysis.

  • The Writer field corresponds to the Customer ID for the shopper who submitted the review. It is only populated for logged in users.