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To display correlated and related items on your web store, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Add related items on item records

  • Define required field sets

Step 1. Add Related Items on Item Records

Related item definitions must first be added to an item record to display in a web store. See Related Items for detailed information.


For performance reasons, a maximum of 100 related items per item record is recommended.


Correlated items are not customizable. These are determined by the purchasing history and are automatically stored on each Item Record as read-only information.

Step 2. Define Required Field Sets


If you are using the Checkout Application within a Site Builder site (Site Builder Extensions edition), the required Fields Sets are defined in the configuration within the SspLibraries module. Normally, you do not need to do additional configuration for the related and correlated items to display.


The ItemsKeyMapping.js file defines three Related Items properties, which map information returned from the Item Search API. The following snippet shows these mappings. This file is located within the Item module. However, for pre-Elbrus releases of SCA, this file is located within the ItemsKeyMapping module.

// @property _relatedItems Related items , _relatedItems: 'related_items' // @property _relatedItemsDetail _relatedItemsDetail Related items in the PDP. , _relatedItemsDetail: 'relateditems_detail' // @property _correlatedItemsDetail Correlated (Up-sell) items in the PDP. , _correlatedItemsDetail: 'correlateditems_detail'

To ensure that the necessary information from the Search API is available, you must define the following required Field Sets in your Web Site Setup page. For more information on defining Field Sets, see Define Field Sets.


For detailed descriptions of these fields, see Derived Fields for Field Sets.


Field Set ID

Fields Included in Field Set

Correlated Items


All the same fields as included for search

Correlated Items Details


correlateditems_detail: Correlated Items (Detail)

Related Items


All the same fields as included for search

Related Items Details


relateditems_detail: Related Items (Detail)

If you are using a setup script, these field sets are automatically defined. See Set Up Initial Field Sets for detailed information.

For search fields required, see Set Up Web Site Record