Understanding Multiple Ship To

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SuiteCommerce | SuiteCommerce Advanced

APIs for Multiple Ship To provide the ability to code a checkout experience that allows shoppers to ship items in their cart to multiple shipping addresses.

Before working with the Multiple Ship To APIs, ensure the Multiple Shipping Routes feature is enabled in your account. For detailed information on the Multiple Shipping Routes feature, see the help topic Multiple Shipping Routes.

The set of APIs related to Multiple Ship To include:

Known Limitations
  • Promotions: Multiple Ship To does not work with promotions with shipping impact. The promo code is automatically removed from the order. 

  • SuiteTax: Multiple Ship To does not work in combination with SuiteTax.

  • One shipping method per shipping address: Multiple Ship To is limited to defining one shipping method per shipping address. Shoppers can not create multiple shipments to the same address. For example, a shopper can not have one set of items shipping to their Home address using a Standard shipping method and another set of items shipping to their Home address using a One Day shipping method.

  • Real time rates and performance: There is a known performance impact on the Proceed to Checkout flow when a ship method with real time rates is used. This can be exacerbated for orders with Multiple Ship To. Ensure that you do perform performance testing before going live when using real time rates.

  • Login Required: In order to use the above mentioned Order methods for Multiple Ship To, you must be logged in.