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Product Lists (Wish Lists) provide the ability to group lists of items to be purchased from your web store. Using product lists, users in a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) environment can do the following:

  • Flag Items to be added to a product list as they are browsing in your web store.

  • Create new lists when flagging items.

  • Edit Item order details from within the Product Lists pages.

  • Move Items between Product Lists.

  • Add an entire list of products to the shopping cart with a single click.

  • Use Product Lists to Reorder lists of items.


Product Lists are supported for SuiteCommerce sites only.

With Product Lists, users can add items to either a predefined Product List (Wish List) or to their own private list:

  • Predefined Product Lists: Predefined Lists are lists that are automatically available to your web store users. By default, a single predefined list, My List, is available. You can define multiple predefined lists for your store or configure your store with no predefined lists so that user must always create their own.

  • Private Product Lists: By default, users can create their own private lists. They can add these lists on the Product Lists pages or create them when adding an item to a list. You can disable the ability for users to create their own private lists.

For example, you could provide two predefined lists for your web store, such as Gifts and Favorites. A user could then add to either of these predefined lists or they could create a new list, such as Christmas, and add the item to that list.


Currently, both Predefined and Private product lists can only be viewed by the currently logged in user within a web store.

For more information on configuring a site for Predefined and Private lists, see Configuring Product Lists.