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When using the Product List feature, custom records are used to store and manage product lists for each Customer. These custom records are accessed from the custom SuiteCommerce Extensions tab of the Customer record at Lists > Relationships > Customers > [customer record]. The Custom record components are installed as a separate bundle, Reference Product Lists Records. For detailed information on installing this bundle, see Install Your Commerce Web Store Applications.


The Reference Product Lists Records bundle is required for the Elbrus release of SuiteCommerce Advanced even if Product Lists records are not leveraged for your implementation.

The following custom record components are added on installation of the bundle:

  • Lists:

    • Product Lists Items Priority: Defines the priority of each list. Currently this field is unsupported but in future releases this field will be used to enable the ability for sorting items within a list based on priority.

    • Product Lists Scope: Defines the scope for the list as private, public or shared. Currently, only private lists are supported and each list is set as private by default. Private lists can be viewed and managed by the currently logged in user only. Public and shared lists will be supported in future releases.

    • Product Lists Type: Defines the list as default, later, or predefined. All lists added by a user are automatically set to default. Lists set as predefined are available as a list for the user by default without them needing to create it. The later type is not currently implemented.


      We recommend defining predefined lists in the backend configuration file as described in Configure Properties. When predefined lists are defined in the configuration file, the list is automatically available to all users. The list is not defined on any customer record until that customer has added an item to that predefined list. When adding a predefined list to a customer record, it is available only for that customer.

  • Record Types:

    • Product Lists: This record is used to manage product list data.

    • Product Lists Items: This record is used to manage item data associated with a product list record.

  • Subtabs: A single SuiteCommerce Extensions subtab is used to display Product List data on the Customer record. This subtab is also used to display Product Review data on Item records.

You can customize these records as needed. For detailed information on working with custom records, see the help topic SuiteBuilder (Customization).


If the Product List Custom Record bundle is not installed, Product Lists are not available in the Product Lists menu of My Account and errors are received when a user attempts to add an Item to a Product List within ShopFlow.

SuiteCommerce Extensions Subtab

From the SuiteCommerce Extensions > Product Lists Subtab on the Customer Record you can manage Product Lists. You can drill down into each List and modify list attributes or modify Item attributes as needed.


Generally, these records are intended to store and display data gathered from the web store frontend and in most cases should not be edited directly.

Note the following:

  • Editing Product List attributes modifies that list for the current customer only, even if the List is a predefined template. The procedures to modify available predefined template attributes for all users depends on the version of SCA you are implementing. For details, see Wishlist Subtab.

    Also, after a predefined template is modified or an item is added to a predefined product list in a Customer record, the existing template attributes take precedence over the corresponding predefined template attributes in the configuration file.

    For example, to change the Christmas list name to Christmas 2014 for the Customer record in this example, drill down into the Christmas list field and change the name field to Christmas 2014. Similarly, to change the My List list predefined template name for the current Customer only, drill down into the My List record and change the name field as needed. To change the My List record name attribute for all users, edit the name parameter for that template in the configuration file.


    Predefined templates are not intended to be modified on a per customer basis. To modify predefined templates, you should always edit the attributes in the configuration file to ensure changes are available for all customers.

  • The scope attribute for a Product List is not supported by default in the ShopFlow or My Account application frontend. Changing this setting has no impact.

  • The Item Options field on the Product Lists Items record reflects selected item options by the user. It is not intended to be directly edited. For example, for gift certificates, the recipient email and address are stored in this field.

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