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SuiteCommerce Web Stores

The SEO page generator operates on any web site that has the View Homepage touch point defined. This section provides more information about the SEO page generator.

Single Page Applications (SPA)

With an SPA web site, necessary code such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are retrieved on the first page load. Customer interaction with the site involves dynamic communication with the web server behind the scenes. Pages do not reload during the process. Content is displayed on demand.

The single page web application presents a challenge for SEO, because search engine web crawlers typically ignore JavaScript code, but SPAs typically rely on JavaScript to generate content. The SEO page generator meets this challenge.

The SEO Page Generator

When a shopper or googlebot comes to a shopping page from another website or specifies the URL in the browser address bar, the SEO page generator is engaged to generate the HTML content from JavaScript code and AJAX requests. The SEO page generator runs your website and executes all JavaScript code and AJAX requests as it would be executed by a browser. When the rendering is ready, it returns the content of the page to the shopper or googlebot. That ensures that even clients without JavaScript capability get the proper HTML content. If the user stays on the page and the browser can execute JavaScript, other requests are done by AJAX requests, and the SEO page generator is not engaged.

The most frequently requested URLs are cached, so search bots can index your site rapidly. Content is cached to speed up delivery on the next request. If the page rendered by the SEO page generator has already been generated, the page is stored in CDN cache and served from there so that NetSuite servers are not impacted by retrieving data and rendering a page twice.

The SEO page generator exposes the full content of each page including the landing page, item detail page, and faceted navigation. Note that the SEO page generator is not engaged on any touch point other than View Homepage. For example, clicking links to Login or Register do not engage the SEO page generator.

The SEO page generator does not automatically increase your page ranking on search engines. However, it does allow search bots to accurately index an SPA web site. The SEO page generator also provides tools you can use to help troubleshoot issues on your web site. For more information, see Using the SEO Page Generator for Troubleshooting.

Sitemap Generation

The SEO page generator controls indexing of the site to create a site map. For more information about creating a site map, see Sitemap Generator.