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Commerce web stores use the Single-Page Application (SPA) model for enhanced user experience. SPAs are web applications that load a single HTML page and dynamically update that page when the user interacts with the site so that the page load time is reduced. Code such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are retrieved on the first page load, and pages are not reloaded during customer interaction. The SEO page generator provides static pages to clients unable to render Javascript code, including social media sites and search engine web crawlers such as Google and Bing.


When you combine the SEO page generator and SEO best practice on your site, you can positively impact your ranking on search results pages.

When a shopper or web crawler visits your Commerce web store, the SEO page generator executes the JavaScript code and Ajax requests just as a browser would. This builds the HTML content and returns it to the shopper or web crawler. Even shoppers without JavaScript capability receive the HTML content. If the shopper stays on the page and the browser can execute JavaScript, subsequent requests are fulfilled by AJAX requests, and the SEO page generator is not engaged.

The most frequently requested URLs are cached so search engine bots can index your web store quickly. If the rendered page has already been generated, it is stored in the CDN cache to speed up delivery.


If a shopper is logged in or recognized, the SEO page generator does not run. This is to ensure that shoppers get the web page as quickly as possible to render the client-side JavaScript, whilst still serving SEO page generator content to crawlers.

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