Viewing a Sales Report in SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


With SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) sales associates can view a report to track sales. A sales report is displayed as a graph and an itemized list showing total sales for a date range or category.

A sales report contains the following information:

  • Net Sales – Displays the total sales for the period specified. Sales for a single day are displayed as a bar graph. Sales for a long range are displayed as a line graph.

  • Sales by Class – Displays the sales for each item type.

  • Retail Tenders – Displays sales information based on the type of payment received from the customer. Credit card sales information is split among each type of credit card.

To view a sales report:

  1. Log in to SuiteCommerce InStore.

  2. Click the User Menu.

  3. Select Sales Report.

  4. Select the period for which you want to generate a sales report from the dropdown list. The following default values are available:

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • Week to date

    • Last 7 Days

    • Month to date

    • Last 30 days