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You can design and upload a custom maintenance page to display while you complete routine updates and during NetSuite scheduled maintenance periods. By designing your own maintenance page, you can continue to communicate your brand message even when your site is offline.


Maintenance domains and displaying a custom site maintenance page are not supported on Sandbox.

To set up the maintenance page, you must configure your own site maintenance domain name with your DNS provider. Next, upload assets for your site maintenance page in the file cabinet in NetSuite. Then, create the maintenance domain and designate the maintenance folder. Finally, on the domains page in NetSuite, associate the site maintenance domain with a website domain.

All files in the folder that you use to store your maintenance page are publicly accessible using the site maintenance domain. Note that SSP files and touch points are not supported. Also, SuiteScript is not executed on files in the site maintenance folder. If you use multiple websites, you can create a different site maintenance domain for each website domain.

To set up a custom site maintenance HTML page:

  1. Create a domain name to use when your site is offline for maintenance, for example,

    1. Configure the DNS settings with your domain provider.

  2. Upload the assets for your site maintenance page to the NetSuite File Cabinet. There is a 10 MB size limit to the folder you use for hosting your site maintenance page.

    1. Go to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.

    2. On the left navigation pane, select Live Hosting Files under Web Site Hosting Files.

    3. Press the New Folder button on the top right corner.

    4. You can name the folder Site Maintenance Folder.

    5. Upload the assets for your maintenance page in this folder. Your assets must include a file named index.html.

  3. Create a maintenance domain record.

    1. Go to Setup > Site Builder/SuiteCommerce Advanced > Site Maintenance Domains > New.

    2. Enter your Site Maintenance Domain Name. This is the domain name you configured in Step 1. The URL you enter in this field cannot include http:// or https://.

    3. Select the Site Maintenance Folder from the dropdown list.

    4. Click Save.

    5. In case you are editing an existing domain, just click Edit.

  4. Use the Domains page in NetSuite to map the site maintenance domain to your website shopping domain.

    You can either create a new shopping domain or modify an existing one.

    1. For information on how to create a new website shopping domain, see Set Up a Domain.

    2. You can also choose to edit an existing domain.

      1. Go to Setup > Site Builder/SuiteCommerce Advanced > Domains.

      2. Click Edit next to the web store domain you want to edit.

      3. Click Save after editing is complete.

After you enter your new site maintenance domain in NetSuite, it can take from 5 minutes up to 30 minutes to display your content online. To preview or test your maintenance page, open a new browser and navigate directly to the site maintenance domain. For example, to preview your maintenance page, go to


Any time you change the maintenance domain, the Site Maintenance Folder or its contents, there is a lag time of about five minutes before you can see changes to the page.