Installing SuiteApps for SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


This section includes information about first-time installation of SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS).

SuiteApps install all the components required to run SCIS, including custom records and fields, JavaScript files, and other assets. The SuiteApp installation process checks for required features.

If installation of the SuiteCommerce InStore SuiteApp fails, ensure that you have all the required features and preferences enabled, then try the installation again. For more information, read Required Features and Settings for SCIS.

To use SuiteCommerce InStore with product review capabilities, install the following SuiteApps:

  • SuiteCommerce InStore (Bundle ID 249555 )

  • Reference Product List Records (Bundle ID 53051)

  • Reference Product Review Records (Bundle ID 53053)

To install SuiteApps for SCIS:

  1. Go to Customization > SiteBundler > Search & Install Bundles.

  2. In the Keyword field, enter the Bundle ID for each SuiteApp.

  3. Click Search.

  4. Verify that the correct SuiteApp is returned in the search and select it.

  5. Review the SuiteApp details and then click Install.

After completing SuiteApp installation, finish configuring your SuiteCommerce InStore website. For more information, see Setting Up the SCIS Website.

To view a list of SCIS installation tasks, see SuiteCommerce InStore Installation.