Configuring Locations for SCIS

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You must set a location on every employee record and item record you plan to use with SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). The SCIS user interface shows whether or not a product is in stock at an employee's location.

For example, you may be using SCIS in two locations: Los Angeles and San Francisco. The sales associate assigned to the San Francisco location can see that an item is out of stock at her location, but available at the Los Angeles location. This visibility enables the sales associate to make arrangements to have the product shipped.

SuiteCommerce InStore uses location data for the following:

  • To define store locations

  • To determine which items are available at a specific location

  • To assign a sales associate to a store location

  • To determine the distance between store locations


SCIS uses the standard NetSuite location record. You must configure at least one location in NetSuite.

To define locations for SCIS:

  1. Go to Setup > Company > Classifications > Locations > New.

  2. The following settings are required for SuiteCommerce InStore:

    • Name – Defines the name of the location. The name appears in NetSuite lists.

    • Subsidiary – Required if you use OneWorld.

    • SCIS Store Safe Account – Defines the account used for opening drawer and closing drawer transactions. Select an account from your Chart of Accounts. For example, you can choose Petty Cash.

    • SCIS Cash Drawer Difference – Defines the account used if there is a difference between the amount in the cash drawer and the expected amount of cash based on the sum of all transactions entered by the sales associate in the Closing Drawer or End of Day transaction.


      If there is no value for SCIS Store Safe Account or SCIS Cash Drawer Difference, then an error occurs when the sales associate tries to complete an opening drawer or closing drawer transaction. For more information, read SCIS Cash Drawer Management.

    • Check the following boxes:

      • Make Inventory Available – (Required) Makes all on-hand inventory at the location available for orders.

      • Make Inventory Available In Web Store – (Required) Makes all on-hand inventory at the location available for web store orders.


        Check the Make Inventory Available In Web Store box to ensure that inventory information is available to SCIS. If the box is not checked, then the available inventory count displayed on the Product Detail Page (PDP) in SCIS shows 0.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Go to Lists > Relationships > Employees.

    Set the location for each employee record. For more information, see Configuring Employee Records for SCIS.

  5. Go to Lists > Accounting > Items.

    (Optional) Set the location on item records you create. For more information on creating items, see Configuring Item Records for SCIS.


    To determine if a product is available for purchase, there must be stock available in a location.

In addition to configuring a standard location record for each location where you plan to use SCIS, you must also configure custom records to define additional location settings. Additional settings include discounts and shipping methods available at certain locations, information for nearby store locations, and employees who work at more than one location. For more information, read the following: