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The following custom fields are associated with transactions entered using SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). Data displayed in custom fields on transaction records in NetSuite provide more information about each transaction.

SCIS Transaction Line-Item Fields

Transaction line fields are used to store and retrieve information about the line items within a transaction. These fields are typically displayed on the Items subtab on Invoices and Cash Sales generated from SCIS.

Void Quantity

  • ID: custcol_ns_pos_voidqty

  • Description: Stores the quantity of a voided item on an order. This field is used when you add an item back to the order, so the item retains its original quantity.

Void %

  • ID: custcol_ns_pos_voidpct

  • Description: Stores the ID for the percent discount applied to a line item voided from an order. The field is blank if the discount is a fixed amount.

Voided Item

  • ID: custcol_ns_pos_voideditem

  • Description: Stores the ID of the item voided in a transaction.

Returned Quantity

  • ID: custcol_ns_pos_returnedqty

  • Description: Stores the quantity of items returned. Used on validated returns to calculate returnable items.

SCIS Return Reason (TX)

  • ID: custcol_ns_pos_returnreason

  • Description: Stores the reason for the return. If an item is returned, a reason must be set.

Unvalidated Return

  • ID: custcol_ns_pos_unvalidated_return

  • Description: Used during a return transaction, this field stores the return validation setting. This hidden field applies to an item on a sales transaction. For more information, see Returns and Refunds.

Custom Subtab on Transaction Records

The following fields show on the Custom subtab on sales transactions. The custom fields described below may or may not be populated based on the type of transaction submitted in SuiteCommerce InStore. For example, if a credit memo was not issued, the SCIS Returns Credit Memo field remains empty.

SCIS Returns Credit Memo

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_returns_creditmemo

  • Description: Stores information about the credit memo used in a return transaction when another item was purchased.This field is populated on an invoice form generated from an exchange transaction. It links the invoice with the return by showing the credit memo transaction number.

SCIS Created From

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_created_from

  • Description: Used to create a reference to the original transaction. This field applies to sales transactions, for example, an invoice created from a sales order.

Sales Associate

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_sales_associate

  • Description: Stores the sales associate’s name on the transaction.

POS Status

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_transaction_status

  • Description: Defines the status of a transaction. The POS Status field appears on all transactions entered with SCIS. This field contains values that are not part of the standard transaction record. This is a read-only field that is set automatically as transactions are created and processed with SCIS. It requires no configuration. For more information, see POS Status Definitions.

Billing Subtab on Transaction Records

The following fields are displayed on the Billing subtab of sales transactions.

Total Tendered

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_total_tendered

  • Description: Stores the total amount of money accepted from the customer to complete a transaction. This field applies to sales and customer payments.

Credit Card Signature

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_signature_image

  • Description: Stores the electronic signature provided by the customer after performing a credit card transaction.

Change Due

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_change_due

  • Description: Lists the amount of change due when performing a cash transaction.

Suspended Total

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_suspended_total

  • Description: Stores the total for each suspended transaction. This field stores the total of the transaction at the moment when the transaction was suspended, and displays it in the list of suspended orders. For more information, about suspended transactions, see Saving an Order.

Other Custom Lists and Records for Transactions

The following custom lists and records are also associated with transactions, but they do not appear on the transaction record.

SCIS Transaction Status

  • ID: customlist_ns_pos_transaction_status

  • Description: Used internally to store the status of transactions generated by SCIS. The values in this list are displayed in the POS Status field on transactions. Do not modify the values in this list. The POS Status field is updated automatically as transactions are submitted and processed.

SCIS Audit Log

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_audit_log

  • Description: Stores information about every transaction generated from SuiteCommerce InStore related to authorization requests based on permissions.

    To view the audit log, go to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields. Next, find SCIS Audit Log in the list. Then, click List in that row. You can click a column header on the list page to sort data. For more information, see SCIS Audit Log.

SCIS Open Credit Memos

  • ID: customsearch_ns_pos_open_credit_memos

  • Description: Saved search that returns Open Credit Memos for a specific customer. Supports the refund to Credit Memo feature.

SCIS Transaction Notes Types

  • ID:customrecord_ns_pos_notes_types

  • Description: This record is configured by administrators, and then used by sales associates to capture additional information on orders. For more information for administrators about configuring SCIS Transaction Note Types, read Defining SCIS Transaction Notes.