Installing SCIS Mobile Apps

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Installation of the SCIS for iOS or SCIS for Windows mobile app is required.

This section includes instructions for installing SCIS for iOS and SCIS for Windows. After you have installed the mobile app, you can set up Guided Access or Full Screen Mode. This is optional for iOS devices, but recommended for Windows devices. For more information, read Setting Up Guided Access.

To configure SCIS mobile apps on iPads and Windows tablets:

  1. Ensure you have the latest version of SCIS for iOS, or SCIS for Windows mobile app on your tablet.

    • For iOS devices, open the App Store on your iPad and download the NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore app.

    • For Windows devices, to access the SCIS for Windows executable file, contact your NetSuite account representative or Customer Support. Then, install the app on the Windows device where you plan to run SCIS.

  2. After you have installed the mobile app on the tablet, launch SCIS on your tablet. If you use an iPad, tap Configure Account, after the Welcome screen.

  3. Choose Production to set up SCIS for daily business use.

    Choose Sandbox or Release Preview if you are setting up SCIS in a test environment.

  4. Log in to SCIS. Enter your login credentials.

  5. If you have access to more than one NetSuite account with SCIS installed, you can access any of those accounts. Choose an account.

  6. Choose a role that is capable of configuring devices, such as the Administrator role.

  7. On the next screen, the device ID is automatically configured. Enter the website ID for your SCIS Website.

    Choose the following configuration settings based on the operating system on your tablet:

    • iOS devices:

      • Guided Access – Optional.

      • Printing Technology – Choose Airprint.

    • Windows devices:

      • Assigned Access – Recommended. An administrator can configure assigned access to limit an existing user account to use only SCIS. Refer to Microsoft Docs for configuration steps.


        Ensure that peripherals used by the Windows device are installed after the SCIS for Windows application is configured on the device, but before the device is placed in Assigned Access mode. You may not be able to access certain websites for driver installation when the device is in Assigned Access mode.

      • Printing Technology – Select Star or Epson, depending on the printer you will use with this device. Note that AirPrint is not supported on Windows devices using SCIS.


        You must download the appropriate drivers for your printer on the mobile device to use Star native printing. To learn which printers are supported, read List of Supported Peripherals.

  8. Click Done.

When you click Done, an SCIS Mobile Device record is created in NetSuite, configured for Production.

Device configuration is now complete and you are redirected to the SCIS login screen. Log in using your existing credentials to access SCIS. Next, set up printing preferences. For more information, read Setting Up Receipt Printers for SCIS.

Setting Up Guided Access


Setting up Guided Access on an iOS tablet is optional.

You can enable Guided Access on the iPad. Guided Access is a type of “kiosk” view, which keeps the device in a single application and prevents unauthorized use of additional applications on the device. Guided access is not required for using SCIS for iOS, but recommended when using SCIS on Windows.

Before placing the device in Guided Access mode, and handing the device over to a sales associate, install any required peripherals. Please consult the manufacturer’s handbook for specific setup requirements for peripherals. For more information, read List of Supported Peripherals.

To set up Guided Access on an iOS device:

  1. Tap Settings > General > Accessibility.

  2. Scroll to Learning > Guided Access.

  3. Toggle Guided Access to on.

  4. Tap Passcode Settings and enter a four-digit pin code.


    Do not use obvious pin codes such as “0000”, “1234” or any known dates or the main device Pin code.

  5. Press the home button.

  6. Launch the SCIS for iOS app.

  7. Triple-click the home button.

  8. Tap Options on the Guided Access set up screen.

  9. Set the required options. Do not enable Time Limit.

  10. Tap Done to save the Guided Access preferences.

  11. Tap Start to begin Guided Access and lock the device to the SCIS for iOS app.

  12. Triple-click the home button to end or reset options for the guided access session, you will be prompted to enter your Guided Access pin.

After these procedures have been set up the device is ready for use by the sales associate. Upon launching the app, the user is prompted to enter their usual SCIS login and passcode.