URL Components on Items

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


In SuiteCommerce, you can maintain a list of URL components for the products you sell on your website. First, enter the URL component you plan to use on your website, then you can add the previous value to the list of aliases. Use the URL Component Alias subtab to maintain a list of aliases that were used for that product in the past.

To use the URL Component Alias subtab:

  1. Go to .

  2. Click Edit next to the item record you want to modify.

  3. Click the Web Store subtab.

  4. Enter a value in the URL Component field.

  5. Click the URL Component Alias subtab. Enter an alias.

  6. Click Add.

  7. To modify an existing alias, click on the alias, make your change, and then click OK.

  8. Click Save to store your changes.


The following file extensions are not supported in URL Components, as there may be conflicts with SuiteCommerce or NetSuite framework technologies: nl|nlqs|f|xls|doc|jws.

Additional Notes on URL Component Alias Management

  • If the URL Component Alias feature is enabled, the URL Component Alias subtab is displayed on supported record types.

  • If the URL Component Alias feature is disabled all existing aliases are deleted and the subtab is removed.

  • The word category is a reserved keyword for NetSuite URLs. Using category as a URL component results in the following error:

    The URL component you entered is a reserved character string in the NetSuite application. Enter a different URL component to continue".