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SuiteCommerce Advanced


This information refers to the Denali release of SuiteCommerce Advanced or later.

The Multiple Ship To (MST) feature lets shoppers send items or groups of items to separate shipping addresses. This feature is available with any of the three Checkout flows (Standard, One Page Checkout, and Billing First). See Checkout for more information on configuring Checkout.

With MST enabled, shoppers can:

  • Define different shipping methods for each shipping address.

  • Specify a quantity of items for checkout and split that quantity to ship to multiple addresses as needed.


Although shoppers can define a different shipping method for each address, they cannot define multiple shipping methods for one address within the same order.

When using MST, shoppers typically proceed through the following flow:

  1. A user adds items with specified quantities to the Cart and proceeds to checkout.

  2. The shopper chooses an address and selects the items in the cart to ship to that address. If the shopper has more than one shippable item, they can choose to split their order to ship to multiple addresses at this time by defining the quantity to be sent to the selected addresses. Remaining quantities are available when an additional address is selected.


    If no shipping addresses exists, the site prompts the shopper to enter one. Shoppers also have the option to create additional shipping addresses. If only single address is selected, shoppers can continue, but the site returns to the configured Checkout Flow.

  3. The user creates additional shipments until all items have been allotted to a shipping address.

  4. The shopper defines a delivery method for each shipment.

  5. The shopper selects a payment method and completes the order.