Known Limitations

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


Known limitations regarding Multiple Ship To include the following:

  • Promo codes are not supported in the Multiple Ship To flow. When a user attempts to enter a Promo code, the site returns an error. If a user has already entered a promo code while defining a single ship to order and switches to MST, the site also returns an error and removes the promo code automatically.

  • Multiple Ship To is limited to defining one shipping method per shipping address. Shoppers cannot create multiple shipping methods for the same address. For example, a user cannot order one set of items to ship Home using the Standard shipping methods and another set of items shipping Home using a One Day shipping method.

  • A performance impact exists during the Proceed to Checkout step if using a shipping method with real-time rates. This impact is more obvious for orders using MST. NetSuite recommends running performance tests before going live when using real-time rates.

  • Customized Online Forms are not supported.

  • Minimum quantity is set as a shipping minimum and not as an order minimum. You must comply with minimum quantity limitations on each of the lines/shipments of your order. MST does not take into account more items on another line.

  • Multiple Ship To is not compatible with Scriptable Cart.

  • MST Multiple Ship To is not compatible with Pickup In Store.

  • Multiple Ship To is not compatible with SuiteTax.