Header and Footer Module Default Areas

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The layout of the header and footer areas of your site pages is determined by the Header and Footer modules. Area divs placed in the template files for these modules adds areas to your page header and footer. The scope of these pre-defined areas is All Pages, which means any content you add to these areas displays across all of your shopping pages.

When a web page on your site is displayed, the page contains not only the areas defined in the header and footer modules but also those areas defined by the module that creates that page. In the following screen shot, you see the header and footer areas as they are displayed on the home page when adding content. These same areas also display on the search page and item detail pages.

  1. The header template file is header.tpl, and it contains one area named header_banner_top with All Pages scope.

  2. The footer template file is footer.tpl, and it contains one area named global_banner_footer with All Pages scope.