SCIS Cash Drawer Management

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SuiteCommerce InStore


SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) supports traditional, cash based point–of–sale capabilities. This section provides information for administrators about Cash Drawer Management in SCIS.


The SuiteCommerce InStore mobile app is always required when using SCIS on an iPad, or with the Windows Operating System on a tablet or computer. Using SCIS on a desktop or laptop computer with a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox is not supported.


Cash Drawer Management capabilities include the ability for sales associates to use SCIS to enter opening and closing drawer transactions. Administrators can use NetSuite to view the opening and closing drawer transactions, as well as track all of the transaction entered by sales associates in SCIS. Administrators must complete general setup steps to use cash drawer management. Additional setup is required for Advanced Cash Drawer Management.


Advanced Cash Management supports two or more printers of the same brand and model per location only for Star and Epson network printers that have a static IP or a domain name assigned.

SCIS Cash Drawer Management Accounts

The first step in setting up Cash Drawer Management is to edit and then save each location where you use SCIS. This action triggers the automatic creation of the following accounts in the NetSuite chart of accounts:

  • SCIS Store Safe Account

  • SCIS Cash Drawer Difference account

These accounts are used for tracking the movement of cash from the store safe to the cash drawer.

When you use Cash Drawer Management, each sales associate using SCIS is assigned a Cash Drawer account. The Cash Drawer account is automatically created in the chart of accounts when each sales associate first logs in to SCIS.

For example, if you have five sales associates entering transactions in SCIS, you will have five cash drawer accounts in NetSuite. Each cash drawer account name is appended with the sales associate’s name. The location assigned to the cash drawer account is the same as the location assigned to the employee.

Advanced Cash Drawer Management

Advanced Cash Drawer Management is useful for organizations with sales associates working in multiple locations. Because Advanced Cash Drawer Management includes the use of the SCIS Cash Drawer custom record, administrators can group a receipt printer and cash drawer configuration by location. To use Advanced Cash Drawer Management, an administrator must set the preference on the SCIS Settings record.

When Advanced Cash Drawer Management is enabled, the following custom records require configuration:

  • SCIS Cash Drawer custom record – Configured by an administrator for each cash drawer and printer combination used at each retail store.


    Each Printer can be associated to only one Cash Drawer.

  • SCIS Shift custom record – Created when sales associates open a shift in SCIS. This record is linked to the SCIS Cash Drawer. It also enables the administrator to track information about each shift, such as opening and close date and time, as well as the amount in the initial loan and closing drawer transactions.

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