URL Component Aliases

If you use URL components on your item records, URL Component Aliases let you define URL aliases for those items or facets whose URL component you may have changed. For example, when you originally setup a prelude tank top, you used the url component tank-top-prelude but you decide that Prelude-Tank-Top is a better URL for the item.

It’s important to remember if you change a URL parameter, it is possible that the page has already been indexed with that URL parameter and also that a visitor may have book marked the page or may have shared the URL with friends. If you change the URL parameter, any search engine that tries to access the page will receive a 404 page not found error.

By using URL component aliases you can change the URL component for the item to Prelude-Tank-Top, and define a URL Component Alias for tank-top-prelude. Now when a visitor or search engine goes to http://yoursite.com/tank-top-prelude, they are automatically redirected to http://yoursite.com/Prelude-Tank-Top. You might define the following URL Component Aliases for the item:

  • tank-top-prelude

  • Tank-Top-Prelude

  • prelude-tank-top

To use URL Component Aliases you must:

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