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SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) uses custom transaction types and custom records to track opening drawer and closing drawer transactions. Custom transaction types track the movement of cash from the store safe account into a cash drawer and from the cash drawer back to the safe. A store safe account custom record is created for each point-of-sale location. The cash drawer difference account tracks any discrepancy found in the process of reconciling the amount entered by a sales associate during the closing drawer transaction.

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Custom Transaction Types

Custom transactions types are used internally in NetSuite for Opening Drawer and Closing Drawer transactions, which are specific to SCIS. The following custom transaction types are added to your NetSuite account when you install SCIS.

SCIS Opening Drawer

  • ID: customtransaction_ns_pos_initial_loan

  • Description: Transaction type used to record each opening drawer that is performed by a sales associate at the beginning of a shift.

SCIS Closing Drawer

  • ID: customtransaction_ns_pos_end_of_day

  • Description: Transaction type used to record the closing drawer transaction that is performed by a sales associate at the end of a shift.

Custom Records for Opening and Closing Drawer Transactions

The custom records described below appear on the location record. You must set a safe account and cash drawer difference account for each point-of-sale location. For instructions on setting up location records for SCIS, see Configuring Locations for SCIS.

For more information about how the custom records are used, see SCIS Cash Drawer Management.

SCIS Cash Drawer Difference

  • ID: custrecord_ns_pos_location_diffaccount

  • Description: Use this field on the Location record to select the account where funds should be allocated when there is a discrepancy between the amount in the cash drawer and the amount entered in SCIS for the Closing Drawer transaction. You must define a cash drawer difference account for each point-of-sale location.

SCIS Open Drawer Reason

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_opendrawerreasonlist

  • Description: Administrators use this record to define reasons for opening the cash drawer. When a sales associate opens the cash drawer using the No Sales option, he or she must select a reason from the list. For more information, read SCIS No Sale. Read also, SCIS Cash Drawer.