Changing Your Connection Information

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


When deploying to NetSuite using the gulp deploy command, Gulp.js uses the .nsdeploy file to determine how to connect to NetSuite. When you run gulp deploy, the script automatically configures the .nsdeploy file based on the information you provide when running gulp deploy. However, if there are changes to your account information or target folder, you may need to edit this file.

To customize the .nsdeploy file:

  1. Open the .nsdeploy file in a text editor.

  2. Edit the following parameters to reflect your account and system information:

    • email: the email address of the account where you want to deploy.

    • account: the account number where you want to deploy.

    • role: the role of the user for this account.

    • hostname: the hostname where your account is located.

    • target_folder: the ID of the SSP application folder.