Models, Collections, and Services

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


SuiteCommerce Advanced works with data stored in NetSuite. During a shopping session, for example, SuiteCommerce Advance may perform the following data-related actions:

  • Read data from NetSuite records. For example when a user views details about an item, this information is retrieved from the NetSuite item record.

  • Update data based on user input. For example when a user places an order, information about the order is stored in a NetSuite order record.

  • Receive new data based on user input. For example, when a user adds a new address to the Address Book, the NetSuite address record is updated.

To retrieve, create, and update data, SuiteCommerce Advanced implements ways of handling the data on the frontend and backend.

  • Frontend: defines how data is presented to the user and how the user inputs data. This data is handled by frontend models and collections.

  • Backend: defines how SuiteCommerce Advanced transfers data to and from NetSuite. This transfer is handled by services and backend models.