The Modules Directory

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SuiteCommerce Advanced

All SuiteCommerce Advanced source files are contained in a directory called Modules. Within this directory, there are two subdirectories:

  • suitecommerce: contains all of the application code for SuiteCommerce Advanced. This directory contains a subdirectory for each module.

  • third_parties: contains all of the third party dependencies. This includes the core technologies that define the application framework.

Each module contains all source files required by a feature or utility. Each module contains some combination of the following types of files:

  • Configuration: define the configuration metadata to build SuiteCommerce Configuration record properties related to the module.

  • JavaScript: define the application code for the module.

  • SuiteScript: define the services and backend models used by the module.

  • Templates: define the raw HTML code for the module.

  • Sass: define the style sheets used by the template files.

The source directory of a module contains subdirectories for each of these types. However, not all modules implement each of these file types. A utility module, for example, may contain only JavaScript files.