Delete, Save, or Resume a Transaction in SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


In SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), you can delete a transaction or save it. Saved transactions can be resumed later.

Deleting a Transaction

Deleting a transaction is useful if you have made a mistake and you want to start building the transaction from the beginning. You can also delete an order that has been saved. To delete a transaction, click the trash can in the Transaction Summary. After a transaction is deleted, there is no record of that transaction in NetSuite.

If you created a new customer and added that customer to the transaction, deleting the transaction does not affect the customer record. The customer record that you created is still in place.

Saving an Order

Saving (or suspending) an order is useful if the customer is not ready to complete the order at the moment, but you are certain that the customer will complete the order later. To save a sales transaction, click the Pause icon.


You cannot save an order that has been partially paid, or an order with a single use promotion applied.

You can access saved orders at the top of the Transaction Summary.

Resuming an Order

To resume a saved order, click the Saved list at the top of the Transaction Summary.

A popup displays showing a list of saved orders. Click the arrow next to the order you want to resume. Click Resume.