Adding Customers To Sales Transactions in SCIS

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SuiteCommerce InStore


In SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), you can add an existing customer to an order, or enter a new customer while building an order. To do this, click the Add Customer link in the cart, and then start typing the customer’s name. If there is a match in the system, the customer name is displayed. You can select the customer to add them to the order. If there is no match, or you do not see the customer name you want to use, click the link to add new customer information.

Adding an existing customer to a transaction:

  1. In the SCIS shopping cart, click Add Customer.

  2. Enter the name of an existing customer. If there is a match in the system, you can select the customer you want to add to the order.

    To remove the customer on the order, touch or click the X.

  3. (Optional) Click New Customer to enter information to create a new customer in the system. The Add New Customer dialog window appears.

    1. Decide whether the customer should be recorded as an Individual or as a Company.

    2. Click the Required, then enter the customer information as necessary.

    3. (Optional) Click the Optional, then enter information as necessary.

  4. Click Create and Add to save the new customer information and add the customer to the transaction in the cart.