Paying with Cash

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SuiteCommerce InStore


Cash denominations are configured by the system administrator for SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). When you click the Cash button in the Transaction Summary, you can use QuickCash buttons to enter the amount received from the customer.

To accept a cash payment:

  1. Add items to a transaction as described in Adding Items to a Sales Transaction in SCIS.

  2. Click Cash.

  3. Enter the amount received. You have three options:

    • Quick Cash – Use the QuickCash buttons to increment the amount received from the customer.

    • Manual – Type the amount of cash received from the customer in the Amount Tendered field.

    • Tender Up – Click this button to automatically enter a value equal to the next highest increment. For example, if the total due is $20.90, the Tender Up button inserts $30.00 in the Amount Tendered field.

  4. Click Apply Payment.

  5. Provide the receipt to the customer.

If the amount received is equal to or greater than the total amount due, then the transaction is complete and the customer receipt displays on the screen. If the amount received is less than the amount due, then the amount received is calculated and SuiteCommerce InStore returns to the transaction screen. You can choose an additional form of payment.