Paying with a Credit Card

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SuiteCommerce InStore


Authorized credit cards are configured by the system administrator for SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). After you tap Credit Card in the Transaction Summary, you can swipe the customer’s credit card. If the card does not swipe correctly, you can manually enter the credit card number.

To enter a credit card payment:

  1. Add items to a transaction as described in Adding Items to a Sales Transaction in SCIS.

  2. Click Credit Card.

  3. Enter credit card information automatically by having the customer swipe or insert their card using a payment device, such as a PIN pad.

    To manually enter credit card information, click Manual Entry.

    1. Enter the credit card information. All fields are required to validate the credit card transaction.

    2. Click OK.

  4. Ask for the customer’s signature on the tablet.

  5. Click Apply Payment.

  6. Provide the receipt to the customer.

When a Credit Card is Declined

If a customer’s credit card payment is declined, the customer can pay using a different card or method. However, if the customer decides not to finish the purchase, you must delete the order to void the transaction.

To end a transaction when the credit card is declined:

  1. Go to the Transaction Summary.

  2. Tap Delete.

  3. Tap Delete in the Confirm Deletion popup.

After you delete a declined-credit card transaction in SCIS, the transaction is saved in NetSuite for reference purposes. The transaction Status is set to Closed, and the Memo field displays Void.