Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) and RequireJS

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SuiteCommerce Advanced


Although Backbone.js provides a general framework for web applications, it does not specify how application code should be organized. To organize code into modules, SuiteCommerce Advanced implements another design pattern called Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD).

  • SuiteCommerce Advanced 2019.2 and later uses ECMAScript 2015 standard JavaScript in TypeScript files to define modules and dependencies. These TypeScript files are compiled to JavaScript when executing gulp local and gulp deploy commands. During this compile, Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) design pattern code is produced.

  • SuiteCommerce Advanced 2019.1 and earlier source code is provided as JavaScript files and implements the Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) design pattern.

See Dependencies for more information on how modules implement the AMD design pattern.