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You can enhance an existing page such as the home page, search page, item detail page, or review product page to customize the attributes of that page. For example, you can enhance a facet search page listing of sports helmets to set the page title and meta description to better describe the page. This promotes SEO best practice and can improve the page ranking on search results pages.

Enhancing pages enables you to customize certain attributes of a page without the need to write any custom code or modify existing files. To enhance a page, you log in to Site Management Tools and then go to the page you want to enhance. For example, the URL for a facet listing of helmets is http://mysite.com/accessories/helmets. By going to that page and accessing the page settings menu, you can set the enhanced properties for the page.

Enhanced page settings include:

1 – Heading

Any heading you enter is displayed on the page if the page template supports it.

2 – Title

The title you give the page is used to populate the HTML title element. Providing a descriptive title that includes the target keywords and accurately describes the page can help improve the page's ranking on search results pages. Additionally, search engines often display this title on search results pages with a link to the page. Follow SEO best practice when creating page titles. See SEO and Page Titles.

3 – Meta Description

The Meta Description is used to populate the HTML meta description element. The description you enter here is an important SEO tool and is often displayed on search results pages as a description of the page. Setting a meaningful and accurate description that contains the target keywords can help improve the ranking in search results pages. Use SEO best practice when writing descriptions. See SEO and Meta Descriptions.

4 – Meta Keywords

The Meta Keywords field is used to populate the HTML meta keywords element for the page. It is important to follow SEO best practice when defining Meta Keywords for the page, because using them incorrectly can have a negative impact on the page’s ranking on search results pages.

5 – Layout Selector

The layout of a page refers to the overall page design and the arrangement of content such as text and images on the page. A layout can be simple and consist of only one column which presents elements in a continuous vertical form, or very complex with multiple columns and rows. Pieces of content are placed one after the other. See Page Layout Selector.

6 – Add to <head>

This field lets you specify additional meta information to include in the <head> area of the page.

To enhance a page:

Enhance a page when you want to change specific attributes such as the title or meta description for an existing page.

  1. Go to the page you want to enhance.

  2. Click Edit on the Site Management toolbar.

  3. Click the Ellipsis to display the settings in the side panel.

  4. Enter the following information on the General tab:

    • Heading — Enter a heading to display on the page. The heading displays only if the page template is configured to display it.

    • Title — The value you enter in the title field is used to populate the HTML <title> element on the page.

  5. Select the Metadata tab and enter the following information:

    • Meta Description — The value you enter in the Meta Description field is used to populate the content attribute of the meta description HTML element.

    • Meta Keywords — The value you enter is used to populate the content attribute of the meta keywords HTML element.

  6. Click Layout tab and you can choose any of the existing page layouts for the current page type.

  7. If you have additional metadata to add to the <head> section of the page, select the Advanced tab and enter the HTML code in the Add to <head> field.

  8. Click Save.

To edit an enhanced page:

Edit an enhanced page when you need to change previously entered page enhancements.

  1. Go to the enhanced page you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit on the Site Management toolbar.

  3. Click the Ellipsis. This displays the page settings in the side panel.

  4. Make any changes to the page settings.

  5. Click Save.

To delete page enhancements:

Delete any enhancements added to the page.

  1. Ensure you have no unpublished changes associated with the page.

  2. Go to Lists > Web Site > CMS Pages.

  3. Find the page from which to delete the enhancements. Click Edit.

  4. To delete all page enhancements, Click Delete.