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The following list outlines the typical workflow for performing transactions. Links are provided to the corresponding sections of documentation.

  1. Log In to SuiteCommerce InStore.

    After entering your login credentials, depending on your system configuration, you may be required to enter an opening drawer transaction. From the User Menu, you can select a printer, and select a Sales Rep. If you have been assigned more than one role, you can select the role you want to use when you log in. For more information, see SuiteCommerce InStore Login.

  2. Select a customer for a transaction.

    You can use the search bar in SCIS to find any existing customers. This includes customers who previously completed a purchase through SCIS, customers entered in the NetSuite system, or customers who completed a purchase from the online store. For more information, see Adding Customers To Sales Transactions in SCIS. See also, Working with Customer Profile Information.

  3. Add items to the cart.

    You can use the search bar or the QuickAdd bar to find items in SCIS. To add items to a transaction, you can use a barcode scanner, or click an item QuickAdd Key. For more information, see Adding Items to a Sales Transaction in SCIS.

  4. Apply discounts.

    (Optional) You can apply a discount to a particular item, or apply the discount to the entire order. Alternatively, you can apply a promotion code to an order. For more information, see Discounts and Markups in SCIS.

  5. Accept payment.

    SCIS supports all payment methods that have been configured by the system administrator. For more information, see Accepting Payments for Purchases in SCIS.

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