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SuiteCommerce InStore


The following custom fields apply to employee records used with SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). You can find these custom fields and records in NetSuite, and then modify them as needed. Read the following for more information.

SCIS Access Code

  • ID: custentity_ns_pos_accesscode

  • Description: Configure this custom field on the employee record. You must enter a pass code in this field for employees who have roles authorized to perform restricted operations. This field is associated with roles and permissions. For more information, see Manager Override.

SCIS Locations

  • ID: custentity_ns_pos_employee_scislocations

  • Description: This is a custom list on the employee record. The options in the list are sourced from the list of store locations that you configured in NetSuite. If you hve employees that work at more than one location, selecting SCIS locations is a one-time setting when configuring a new Employee. For more information, read Working with Employees in Multiple SCIS Locations.

SCIS User Settings

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_defaultcustomer

  • Description: This custom record defines critical user settings, such as Default Customer record, default sales rep, and cash drawer account. One of these custom records is automatically created for each employee, however configuration is required For more information, see SCIS User Settings.

SCIS Permission

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_permission

  • Description: Stores the permission required for an action. Each permission has a name, a description, the roles that can perform the action, and the roles that require authorization to perform the action. A POS Permission custom record exists for each action that requires authorization. All actions that require authorization are logged on the SCIS Audit Log. For more information, see SuiteCommerce InStore Permissions.