Discounts and Returns

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SuiteCommerce InStore


SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) installs the following custom fields and records that apply to discounts and returns. Configure the custom fields described below with values that make sense for your organization.

Discount Reason

  • ID: custbody_ns_pos_tran_dct_reason

  • Description: Stores the custom discount applied to an order. This custom field requires no configuration. When a custom discount is applied, this field stores the reason for the discount as entered by the sales associate at the time of the transaction. When a custom discount is applied to the order, the discount reason is output to this field on the custom subtab of the transaction form. When a custom discount is applied to an item in the cart, the discount reason is output to the description field on the transaction line (on the Items subtab). SCIS requires the sales associate to enter a reason before a custom discount can be applied. For more information about setting up discounts, see Configuring Discounts for more information.

SCIS Discount Reasons (List)

  • ID customrecord_ns_pos_dtreasons

  • Description: Specifies a predefined list of reasons for applying a custom discount. The sales associate can select a predefined reason for the discount, and then that selection is displayed in NetSuite on Cash Sales and Invoices. SCIS requires a sales associate to select a reason before a custom discount can be applied. This custom field is installed with default values, however, you can modify the values in the list. For more information, see Discount Reasons.

SCIS Return Reasons (List)

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_return_reasons

  • Description: Enables you to define reasons for an item return. A sales associate must select one of these reasons when performing a return or exchange. For more information, see Returns and Refunds.