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SuiteCommerce InStore


SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS) uses the standard location record along with the custom records described below to define various settings such as store locations, available shipping methods and discounts. For step-by-step instructions on setting up standard location records and custom records related to location settings, read Configuring Locations for SCIS.

SCIS Settings

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_location_settings

  • Description: Defines settings for: shipping methods, predefined discounts, custom discounts, and saved searches. Define specific locations where certain shipping methods, discounts, and saved searches are available. Also, use this custom record to configure location-specific printer settings and custom attributes, and more.


    After applying any changes to the Printer Settings, the sales associate must log out of SCIS on the mobile device, and then log in again to refresh the updated settings. For changes to printer settings, the user must also select the printer again from the main menu in the SCIS for iOS app.

    For more information, see SCIS Settings.

SCIS Custom Attributes

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_extra_attrs

  • Description: Use these records to define attributes for customizing certain areas of SCIS. For more information, read Creating SCIS Custom Attributes.

SCIS Service Hours

  • ID: custrecord_ns_pos_servicehours

  • Description: Displays service hours for your store location in the Nearby Stores subtab on product display pages. This is a custom field on the Location record in NetSuite. Setting this field is optional.

SCIS Location Distance

  • ID: customrecord_ns_pos_locationdistance

  • Description: Defines the distance between store locations. The field shows on the nearby stores tab on the product display page. For more information, see SCIS Location Distance.

Default Order Location

  • ID: custrecord_ns_pos_default_so_location

  • Description: Defines the location where sales orders should be fulfilled. You can set the location of the warehouse where SCIS orders are fulfilled. Applies to delivery and pickup orders created through SCIS. Sales associates cannot access this setting from the SCIS user interface, this location is automatically set on sales order transactions for fulfillment purposes. Configure this field on the Location record.

SCIS Store Safe Account

  • ID: custrecord_ns_pos_location_safeaccount

  • Description: Defines the account you use to track the amount in your store safe. You must define a safe account for each point-of-sale location. Set this field on the Location record.

Custom Searches for Location

The following saved searches generate location information for SCIS. You can modify these searches to meet your business needs, see Modifying Saved Searches for SCIS.

To modify the locations displayed in SCIS, you must edit the CustomConfiguration.js file. For more information, see Customize Location Display.

SCIS Inventory Locations

  • ID: customsearch_ns_pos_inventory_locations

  • Description: Saved search that returns the information used on the All Inventory tab on the Product Display Page.

SCIS Locations

  • ID: customsearch_ns_pos_locations

  • Description: Saved search that returns the list of locations you have configured in NetSuite. These locations are displayed on the Nearby Stores subtab in SCIS.