Configuring Item Images for SCIS

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Configuring item images is an important task in setting up SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS). As with Commerce web stores, image files automatically match with item records in NetSuite based on criteria that you include in the image file name. The criteria that you include in the image file name is the item identifier. You can match images to items based on the value in a field that appears on item records in NetSuite. Choose one of the following fields:

  • Display Name/Code

  • UPC Code

  • URL Component

  • Additional UPCs

After you decide on the item identifier and the format you want to use for image file names, rename your image files and upload them to the file cabinet.

To learn how to configure item images for SCIS, read Example of Item Image Configuration.

Best Practice for Setting up Image Size Parameters for SCIS

You cannot define custom Image Size IDs for the SCIS website. You must use the Image Size IDs that are installed by the SCIS SuiteApp. Changing the Image Size IDs for SCIS, or removing any of them, will result in distorted images on the site.

The only acceptable way to modify image size parameters is to change the values for Maximum Width and Maximum Height.

Using a Keyword to Support Multiple Images

In other cases a keyword must be set as a place-holder category to map the images correctly to the items. You can create your own keyword. The only requirement is that all images must contain the same keyword. For example, you can use the following structure to name your image files, but all image file names must use the same structure.

[Display Name/Code]_media-[number].[file extension] 

Example of Item Image Configuration

For example, you have two .jpg images to add for the item, "Plastic Spatula." You can choose Item Display Name/Code as the item identifier. Next, rename the image files you plan to use for items. The following naming convention is used for image files based on the image file above:

[Display Name/Code]_media-[number].[file extention] 

If your NetSuite account has another Commerce web stores site, you can copy the image mapping criteria and use it for your SCIS site. If your only Commerce web stores website is used for SCIS, then follow the steps below to set up image mapping criteria. In this case, you must rebuild the search index to update of all the items with the image files uploaded.

Sample steps to configure item images:

The following steps are provided based on the item described in the example above. You can replace image file names and folder names with file and folder names that correspond with your account.

  1. On your computer, rename the image files based on the naming convention described in the example above.

    1. Rename the primary image to PlasticSpatula_media-0.jpg

    2. Rename the second image to PlasticSpatula_media-1.jpg

    3. Create a ZIP file for all your image files.


    Using numbers in the image file naming convention enables you to use more than one image for each item. Using sequential numbers helps to organize your images.

  2. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Setup Web Site.

    1. Click Edit next to your SCIS website, and then click the Images subtab.

    2. In the Item Identifier field, select Display Name/Code.


      All images you upload must use the same item identifier. If you change the item identifier, then some product images will not display on your SCIS website.

    3. In the Image Domain field, select the domain you use for SCIS.

    4. In the Image Folder field, select Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > Images.


      This is the folder you create in the Live Hosting Files folder to store item images.

    5. Click Save.

  3. Upload your image files (from Step 1) to Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > Images.

    1. Go to the folder at Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > Images.

    2. Click Advanced Add.

    3. In the ZIP Archive to Add field, choose the ZIP file on your computer.

    4. Verify the Destination Folder is where you intend to upload files.

    5. Check the Unzip Files box.

    6. Check the Make all Files Available Without Login box.

    7. Check the Overwrite Files with Same Name box to avoid uploading duplicate files in this folder. Files of the same name are automatically updated with the latest version you upload.

    8. Click Add.

  4. Rebuild the search index. This step is required if you are adding item images, you have only one Commerce web stores website, and you use that site for SCIS.

    1. Go back to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Setup Web Site.

    2. Click the Actions menu.

    3. Select Rebuild Search Index.

      The time it takes to rebuild the search index depends on the number of items in the account, and network connections. To check the status of the search index, go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Web Site Set Up. Click View under Search Status Index.

When the search index status is completed, you can verify that images are correctly associated with item records. Go to the item record at Lists > Accounting > Items. Click Edit next to an item record. Confirm that images are listed on the Web Store subtab, under Associated Images.

For more detailed instructions on configuring images, see Item Images.