Setting Up the SCIS Website

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SuiteCommerce InStore


The first time you install SuiteCommerce InStore (SCIS), a new website is automatically created. The new site, called SuiteCommerce InStore Website, appears on the list of websites at Setup > Suite Commerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

You will use this website for SCIS transactions. All items that you plan to sell using SCIS must be configured to display in this website.

Entering a domain name is a required step in SCIS website setup. However, you can enter a domain name that is not registered. When you navigate to your SCIS website, the domain you use redirects to the system-generated URL for your website.

To set up the SCIS website:

  1. After installation is complete, go to Setup > Suite Commerce Advanced > Set Up Web Site.

  2. Click Edit next to SuiteCommerce InStore Website.


    For NetSuite 2019.2 and earlier, the website Type is SuiteCommerce Advanced.

    For NetSuite 2020.1 and later, the Type is SuiteCommerce InStore. You cannot change the website type.

  3. If you use OneWorld, select a Subsidiary at the bottom of the page. For more information about subsidiary settings, see Subsidiaries and SuiteCommerce InStore.

  4. Check the Include Out of Stock Items in Web Store box.

  5. Click the Touch Points subtab.

    • Under Name, select View Homepage.

    • Under Web Application, select SuiteCommerce InStore.

    • Under Path, accept the default value, /pos/index.ssp.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Domains.

    • Enter a domain name in the Domain Name field. You can use a domain name that you have registered for your SCIS website, or you can enter a domain name that is not registered, as a placeholder.


      Omit the HTTP when you enter the domain. For example, enter in the domain field, not

    • Set the HTML Hosting Root to Live Hosting Files.

  8. Click Save.

SuiteCommerce InStore is a managed SuiteApp, which means that updates and enhancements to the SuiteApp are pushed automatically to your account. No changes are made to the website if you update or remove the SuiteApp. If you remove the SuiteApp and then install it again there will be two websites.


After you have completed setting up the SuiteCommerce InStore Website, you must install the SCIS for iOS or SCIS for Windows mobile app on the device you will use for entering orders. For more information, read SCIS for iOS and SCIS for Windows Mobile Applications.

Using a Registered Domain with SCIS

When you use a registered domain name with SCIS, you must configure DNS with your domain provider to set up a CNAME redirect.

When you click Save after entering the domain in NetSuite, a CNAME (Alias) is configured for the new domain. You must use the CNAME (Alias) to configure DNS with your domain provider to point your domain name at NetSuite hosting servers. It can take up to two hours for the CNAME (Alias) to be completely configured. For more information, see Point your Domain Name at your Domain (DNS Settings).